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The Touchless Cover™

Mission Statement:

To provide a high quality product that will bring more joy and a better lifestyle to those who use it while helping to protect their investment.


To provide The Touchless Cover™ products for individuals on every body of water and across every piece of land.

Innovative Marine Technologies (IMT), Inc. - Home of The Touchless Cover™

About Innovative Marine Technologies (IMT), Inc. and The Touchless Cover™

The Touchless Cover™ made its first debut in the summer of 1998. Designed and in production by July, the inception of The Touchless Cover™ products occurred from a desire to easily and conveniently access and use a boat without having to struggle with the hassle of a traditional boat cover. It was discovered that many boat owners would actually avoid using their boat due to the difficulty involved with removing and re-installing a traditional cover. When no cover was used for quick accessibility, it was found that not only was the boat more susceptible to severe damage from the elements, but animals (such as birds) would make such a mess on the boat that individuals generally spent more time cleaning it than they did enjoying time on their boat. Additional research created awareness that a traditional boat cover did little to protect the investment of a boat, allowing damage to the gel coat and interior over time. Thus the design of the The Touchless Cover™ products incorporated a means to address all of these concerns.

One of the largest concerns in the design of The Touchless Cover™ boat cover was in the manufacturing costs of a high quality product that would be capable of sustaining the investment of a boat year after year. To provide an affordable and superior product to the end user, Innovative Marine Technologies (IMT), Inc. decided to perform the manufacturing in-house where each cover and their associated components can go through a rigorous inspection process. The result is a first class product that meets our GOLD STANDARDS and is then delivered to the consumer at a lower cost.

When comparing The Touchless Cover™ boat cover to a traditional boat cover, the total cost of a traditional cover over time and the required maintenance and up-keep it incurs on the boat makes purchasing The Touchless Cover™ boat cover an easy decision.

With The Touchless Cover™ products made available at dealers nationwide, a critically acclaimed, easy-to-operate cover is just as easy to own. IMT, Inc. is constantly expanding the availability of The Touchless Cover™ products into additional dealers and new markets. As IMT, Inc. continues to grow, we continue to maintain the high standards with our products and with the level of satisfaction we provide our customers.

IMT - Innovative Marine Technology